Technical or tech packs are the blueprints for your garments. In essence, they lay the groundwork to make your designs a reality.
They are highly detailed information packs that include reference images for garment looks and design, design features, and special trim of the garment. They outline how these details will be applied to the garment, along with measurement specifications of how the garment should fit the wearer. They will also include any artwork, prints and logos that will be applied to the garment, with direction on how and where the artwork will be.
Always Trendin will provide you with the necessary tech packs to make your designs as trendy and as wearable as possible. We cover all bases so that we can align your mind with our manufacturer, and get your designs to be of the highest quality possible.
Our manufacturing list is always expanding, so if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know.
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