We consistently invest in ways to improve our sustainable practices, ensuring we reduce waste and reuse to the best of our ability. 

Our production partners pride themselves on an exceptional level of skill, experience and high quality construction, with ethically and socially responsible treatment of employees. They combine local expertise with international industry knowledge to create products that meet excellent standards. When it comes to ethical and sustainable practices, our manufacturers go above and beyond.  


2023 Goals

Environmental Goals  

  • Make use of 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging  
  • Decrease the use of dye and chemicals by using fabrics with less dye dips  
  • Work towards becoming Carbon Neutral

 Raw Material Goals  

  • Phase out of all virgin Polyester and Nylon in garments we supply  
  • Work closer with our fabric mills to decrease the amount of chemicals used to dye our fabrications 
  • Phase out of all cotton that is not BCI, Organic or Recycled  
  • Work towards 100% Organic Cotton  

 Energy Goals  

  • Ship all fabrics by low impact or ocean transportation  
  • Enhance control metrics, targeted at increasing garment longevity
  • Analyse our direct and indirect environmental impacts and set scientific based targets for improvement  

 Social Responsibility Goals 

  • Give back more to the community  
  • Implement more social initiatives for our team