Steps to manufacturing clothing


The steps to manufacturing clothing are to be thoroughly followed for the perfect curation that we, at Always Trendin, seek to make a reality. We specialize in introducing a contemporary approach to the conventional and drooping manufacturing processes that have been continually adapted by manufacturers to date. To make your journey towards a thriving business increasingly convenient, we take careful and technical consideration in formulating strategies and, here’s how it all begins: 

  1. Understanding the concept 

When you make your way to us with an idea in mind, we take it upon ourselves to initiate the process of converting your intangible thoughts to a tangible garment. For that, it is essential that we understand both the essence of your brand and the idea in mind. 

    2. Designing 

If you have a clear perspective of what you want, we initiate the process of creation by carrying out thorough discussions of your ideas with our professionals at Always Trendin. In the case that you aren’t sure of what you’re looking for, we will guide you throughout the journey and assist you in creating what you are seeking.  

  1. Adding patterns and colours

Are you looking to play in neutral colours? Or is vibrancy the theme? Be it colours or patterns; we make use of up to the minute software to bring your ideas onto the screens. 

  1. The sewing begins

We start with creating a toile, essentially a prototype to your original piece. This allows you to test the aspect of the garment altogether and make your final decisions. 

  1. Sample is Fitted

Now, we proceed towards fitting the toile onto a model to ensure no further adjustments are needed. From the length to the fit, each aspect is considered. Where the need is, necessary changes are made, and the fitting takes place again, which is followed by the final production of the garment. 

  1. Graded into other sizes

For any manufacturer, grading experts are essential, and our skilled staff takes expertise in formulating grade pattern where necessary. 

  1. Production and tech packs

As per the preference of the designer and the label themselves, we provide accurate product information to promote transparency in the industry. Be it tech packs or spec sheets, we as a manufacturer take steadfastness in the provision of everything you may need. 

  1. Quality Control Check

It is necessary for us as a defining manufacturer to ensure the production meets our set quality standards. To ensure exactly that, we carry out persistent quality control checks, ensuring every piece leaving the factory lives up to our standards. 

  1. Packing and Shipping

Depending on your preference, we provide top-notch packing and ready your product to be shipped, wherever you choose to send it. 

From ensuring timely production to ensuring excellent quality, we take it upon us to deliver the most thriving results that are undoubtedly sought to revamp both, the conventional practices of the industry and successfulness of your label. 
Make that clothing business a reality! We’re here to make this happen – get in contact with one of our team members! 

You curate, we create; it’s that simple.