How does the process work? 

  1. To start, we will schedule an Intro Chat to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Strategy conversation (if necessary)
  3. Product Development conversation with our Chief Product Officer to discuss your designs and tech pack creation
  4. Sample stage: you will receive and review your samples
  5. Now we can head straight to production!


If I am creating garments with you, can we have meetings to make sure everything is correct from the get-go? 

Of course! We have allocated meetings solely to discuss product development, plus we’re always on standby if needed.


Are you able to assist in creating a brand strategy plan? 

Yes. A member of our team will run you through the best brand strategy plan for you. We handle a host of services and the list is always expanding, just drop us a note with what you need.


Are the manufacturers in the production line environmentally friendly? 

We pledge to work with ethical and sustainable manufacturers and suppliers that put the planet first. Our factories have the following certifications:

  • SA8000 Standard certification in 2016
  • Sedex registered
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • OCS Blended - Organic Content Standard
  • OCS 100 - Organic Content Standard
  • Global Recycle Standard
  • Better Cotton Initiative participant


What type of clothing do you produce? 

We help you design activewear, loungewear, swimwear, t-shirts, merchandise – anything you need, essentially. Let us know if you have a particular clothing request, and we’ll make it happen!


What types of fabrics are you able to source? 

We’re able to source fabrics from all over the world, so just let us know what exactly you require.


Are you able to source recycled fabrics? 

Yes! Ethical and sustainable fashion is our priority, and we’re able to source any fabrics you may need.


I want to create one collection per season in a year. Will Always Trendin be able to handle a year’s worth of production? 

Yes we certainly can. Get in touch and we’ll work through what you need done.


What are your Minimum Order Quantities? 

100 pieces.


Where is the head office based? 

We’re located across the world, but our head office is located in Sydney, Australia.


How do we stay in contact if we’re not located in the same country? 

With offices and employees in several parts of the globe, we strive to maintain around-the-clock coverage. Our team frequently travels around the world, so an opportunity will definitely arise to meet in person. We can’t wait!


Are you able to assist in designing garments and prints? 

Yes. And we’ll provide you with tech packs to create the designs of your dreams.


Can I provide my own technical packs? 

Yes you can. We can always provide you with them if you can’t, or help with your existing tech packs.


What accessories can I include with my designs? 

Whatever you desire. We have an amazing sourcing team that will go lengths to find what you need.


How do items get shipped to my customers? Can I get a stock sent to me if I want to do pop-up/market/in-person sales? 

Yes, certainly. We prefer air freight given its short turnaround times. Should you require it, sea freight is available too.


Do you provide a drop-shipping service? 

No, our operating model doesn’t accommodate that. However, we are able to help you partner up with a 3PL provider.


Can you make eco-friendly/recycled/sustainable garments? 

Yes we can make sustainable garments using eco-friendly materials that are organic, recycled, or have a low carbon footprint.  


What is your average pricing per product? 

There is no average price per garment because everything that we create is so different. The price depends on the amount of specifications, custom trim, and material used for the garment. We will give you costings as soon as possible.


Does the price include labels and additional details? 

Yes, the cost of labels is built into the production cost. Packing will be extra and dependant on the type of packaging you choose.


Do you make fully bespoke items?



Are you able to source products outside the world of garments? 

Yes! We have secured suppliers and manufacturers to cover a range of capabilities. Let us know what you need.


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