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Wherever you look, nature's palette has created an endless array of colours that can be used to design your own unique clothing brand. Naturally dyed fabrics are an eco-friendly method of producing radiant colours within a clothing range. Unlike synthetic dyes, natural fabric dyes are non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly and do not cause allergic reactions. 
What are Natural Fabric Dyes

Natural fabric dyes are created from plant material, crushed in water and boiled to make a dye bath or pot. Then a pre-moistened fabric is added to the natural dye. 
Most natural fabric dyes are vegetable-based, derived from plant sources such as roots, berries and leaves. Most natural fabric dyes produce a beautiful pastel colour when used with the right fabrics and with the correct preparation.  
Characteristics of Natural Dyes

With newfound technology, natural dyeing has progressed to achieve levels of colour fastness to light that has previously only been seen with synthetic dyes. This has also expanded the selection of colours that are becoming available with eco dyeing.  
Due to the nature and preparation of plant-based fabric dyes, it’s almost impossible to recreate the exact colour in different batches. This produces some degree of colour variation and uniqueness. Colours can vary depending on how much fabric is used and the type of fabric used.  
Some plant colour will require a very small amount of chemical bonder called a ‘mordant’ to help bind the colour to the fabric. Each mordant also extracts a different colour from a plant extract. Ideally, organic fabrics are the best to use with natural dyes as synthetic fabrics take a lot longer for the dye to bind.  
Always Trendin and Natural Dyes
We're excited to be sourcing natural dyes as a sustainable option for our customers!  

As a commitment to a sustainable fashion industry, Always Trendin can manufacture garments from naturally dyed fabrics. At Always Trendin, we break barriers into the fashion industry to make it easier and more cost effective for you to create your dream clothing brand. Fast turnaround times, low MOQs, ethical and sustainable practices are just a few benefits of partnering with Always Trendin.

May 14, 2021 — Alex Heinemann

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