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From loungewear to basics, many kids want to follow the footsteps of the trendiest adults on earth. Australian kids clothing wholesaler, Always Trendin – have their finger on the pulse with trending kids wear styles and comfort whilst also caring for the environment. Here are 3 style tips when designing your organic kids clothing collection. 

Designed for Comfort
Typically, kids aren’t worried too much about how fashionable they look as they are preoccupied by running, jumping and playing their way through their days. A key factor to consider when designing your kids wear collection is practicality for their daily activities.  
Simple Styling
Sometimes, less is best and as we’ve seen across the fashion industry, loungewear and basics are just a couple of trending styles taking over. Just like adults, kids are loving the new trends because they provide the comfort and practicality. Stylish track suits and tees are a staple in the modern closet and would be a great addition to a kids wear collection.  
Great For Kids & The Environment 
A Trend that has emerged for kids clothing is using organic materials to cater for sensitive skin. Organic cotton was made exactly the way nature intended, grown in a natural, chemical and pesticide-free environment. It is free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers that negatively impact the skin, allowing our little ones to reap the benefits. 

All our kids wholesale clothing is made using the purest 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, making them gentle on your child's skin and even gentler on our environment.  
Developing kids clothing should be exciting. Let these tips assist you when developing your kids wear collection and let your fashion style flourish. Discover high quality, sustainably sourced and ethically made kids wholesale clothing at Always Trendin. 

Make that clothing business a reality! We’re here to make this happen – get in contact with one of our team members!

June 19, 2021 — Alex Heinemann

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