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Creating your own clothing collection of fashionable garments can involve a lot of intricacies. But don’t stress! We’re here to breakdown and simplify the steps on how to curate your own clothing collection. Most collections start with simple shapes, but it’s the little details in the cuts and the combination of materials that makes one collection stand out from the rest. Here are three stages of creating a clothing collection to help bring your idea to life.
Stage 1: Foundations

The first step of creating a clothing collection is gathering specific information for what you want your collection to look like. For example: What season is the collection for? Who is your target market? What style are you going for within the collection?  

A great way to help visualise and reference your collection is by creating a mood board. A mood board is a collage of images you have from research you have done. Some things to include on your mood board will be a colour card, fabrics and materials you would like to use and designs you want to include.

During this foundational stage it’s important to consider current fashion trends and complete thorough research on your competitors. You’ll need to put some time into creating a budget as well; consider revenue and expenses as well as the initial start-up costs of creating your clothing collection.

Stage 2: Development

This is the creative stage where you can bring your vision to life. Creating tech packs is one of the most tedious steps to creating high quality garments. It is important that the information in the tech packs is highly detailed as it contains the characteristics of fabrics, stitching and construction of each piece.  
Working closely with great fashion designers can ease the feeling of becoming overwhelmed in this stage of development. This is where it pays to have experience as the intricacies in creating fashionable garments can be stressful. This is also where we can help!  

Stage 3: Sampling and Production

The last stage of creating your clothing collection is proceeding with sampling and production. You’ll need at least 2 samples before you can proceed with production. The first sample, known as the prototype, is made to determine the foundations of the design (stitching, hem, length, accessories and overall fit of the garments). Most manufacturers will use a similar fabric to your specified fabric as they work on these details.  
After the approval of these details and corrections are made for the foundations, a pre-production sample is constructed. This is where the exact material is purchased, and pricing can then be estimated for your garment. Once raising a purchase order, a sizing guide, raw materials and all other supplies are purchased to begin production.  

Great fashion designers have acquired the skills to create outstanding clothing collections. If you’re not a fashion designer and need some help with creating your own collection, don’t hesitate to get in touch. That’s what we’re here for! We've got a keen eye for fashion trends and skill when combining colours, textures and fabrications to bring all fashion ideas to life.
You curate, we create. It’s that simple. We handle everything from development to production.

June 14, 2021 — Alex Heinemann

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