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Gymshark was founded in 2012 and since then has become one of the biggest activewear brandsThis innovative company has had exponential growthdue to all the hard work they’ve endured to earn their way into the highly regarded brand we see today. If you aspire for your brand to be like this, here are some things we can learn about Gymshark, and how they reached their success.  

   1. Making their products appealing  

One of the biggest ways by which Gymshark became so successful was through understanding their audience, and tailoring everything to suit them, fulfilling their every need. Often, brands forget about the small details which can make the difference between someone choosing another brand. Sometimes it can be the minor details like pockets on their leggings or matching sets can make or break a sportswear company. But, by understanding exactly what fitness junkies and consumers were looking for, and why they weren’t happy with products from other brands, Gymshark found a gap in the market where they could jump right in.   

   2. Clever marketing  

It’s no secret that most of Gymshark’s consumers are younger, as they’re into fitness, and their target audience is within the younger generations. It’s also no secret that these generations spend lots of time on social media, whether that’s posting on their stories or scrolling through their feed. By making their ads appear on popular platforms which most of their target audience use, Gymshark were able to attract more people.  

    3. Influencer partnerships  

As well as using social media platforms to advertise their products, Gymshark offer exclusive partnerships with popular fitness influencers, and allow them to promote their products in whichever ways they feel necessary. This coveted partnership scheme is only offered to certain influencers, and it’s something that all fitness vloggers and influencers alike would love to be a part of. These partnerships are obviously another way to build Gymshark’s following, and boost their sales.  

    4. Keeping consistent prices  

Rather than having regular sales throughout the year, like many other brands do, or having major price cuts when there is surplus stock, Gymshark have a completely different attitude when it comes to their financial strategies. If you shop there regularly, you’ll most probably have noticed that they almost never have sales, except for on their birthday, in July, or on Black Friday. Instead, they keep their prices consistently lower than competing brands throughout the entire year, and this makes it much more appealing and accessible to more people.  

    5. Fitness inspiration  

Lastly, one more way that Gymshark connect with their audience is through the use of their blog, offering fitness inspiration, and other services to entice sports junkies and motivate them to train harder. Their separate Instagram account, @gymsharktrain, provides workout inspiration, ideas and other tips and tricks for athletes. Their brand has mastered regularly popping up in their consumers newsfeed, encouraging them to treat themselves to some nice, new workout gear from Gymshark   

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November 18, 2020 — Alex Heinemann

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