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If you are considering creating your own clothing brand, there are a variety of different elements you’ll have to consider. As well as the actual garments themselves, you need to consider some of the smaller details, such as the labels you’ll be putting on them. There are many different reasons why clothing labels are a recommended addition for any clothing line, and here you can find out the basics about creating your own clothing label.  

 What are custom clothing labels?  

In case you weren’t already aware, custom clothing labels are the tags and labels we find inside our pieces when we buy them. There are a variety of different types of clothing labels you can choose between, all offering their own advantages, disadvantages and individualities. Some of the main types of clothing labels include:  

  • Woven labels – the most common label, which is made from threads on a piece of material which can display a short message, such as the name of your brand, are known as a woven label.  
  • Hand tags – if you’ve ever seen the small tags that hang from items in the store with details such as the price on them, you’ve already seen a hang tag before.  
  • Printed labels – those small labels on the inside of clothing which tend to have very detailed information about the garment’s material and similar things are printed labels.  
  • Heat press labelsmost commonly used for sportswear, heat press labels are transfers which are applied directly to the inside of the clothing itself and create the least amount of friction.  

These clothing labels are important for your products, as they can help create originality and individuality between you and another similar brand and are a reminder for the customer of where they got their favourite sweatshirt and where they should shop again!  


How do you make a custom clothing label?  

When you are creating a custom clothing label, you need to consider a few things first, and create a design before it is manufactured. You can create them yourself, handmade, but this does take longer, so ordering them from manufacturing companies is more effective. Here is a step-by-step guide: 

  1. Choose your type of label: as mentioned earlier, there are different types of clothing labels and before doing anything else, you need to decide which type you are going to use. Of course, you can create more than one type of clothing label if you have different products or are looking for more than one label on each piece but design this one-by-one. Remember, different labels are more suitable for different purposes and, if you’re not sure which to use, have a little look at which will be best for your garment.  

  2. Create your design:  
  • Consider the design itself: of course, the most important thing about the label is the content, as you want it to display or promote something for a reason. Decide what’s going to be on your label and how it’s all going to be laid out.  
  • Find colours: colour is a really easy way to make your clothing label instantly more engaging, and make it catch someone’s eye. The best thing to do is choose colours which have a reasonably high contrast, as this will make it clearer to read and ensure best results from the manufacturer.  
  • Size it up: you need to choose what size your label is going to be and consider how this will affect comfort for someone when they are wearing your clothes. Sometimes, manufacturers may have an offer on certain standard label sizes, which will be more cost-effective.  
  • Which backing you will use: the backing on a label (usually a woven one) will cover up the threads on the back. This isn’t completely necessary, and it comes down to personal preference more than anything.
  • Fold your label: there are a variety of different folds you can have your label attached by, and you should definitely have a look at this, as well as how you are planning on attaching it to the product.   

Here at Always Trendin, we have a standardised labelling suite which we provide for review in development. The labelling suite includes sew-in labels, care labels and hang-tags – we make use of your branding assets to bring these to life.  

Make that custom clothing idea a reality! We’re here to make this happen – get in contact with one of our team members!

November 12, 2020 — Alex Heinemann

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