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 According to a recent article, organic cotton makes up less than 1% of the world’s global cotton production. Always Trendin is supporting a number of brands who are making the change towards organic cotton. 

Organic cotton is grown on organic farms using natural resources. This reduces environmental risks and is great to use for manufacturing clothing unlike non-organic cotton.


Sustainability of Certified Organic Cotton

The use of organic cotton offers multiple health and atmosphere benefits to people around the world. The purpose of certified organic cotton is to lead the use of clothing that is comfortable and safe to use. Certified organic cotton is more sustainable than non-organic cotton because: 

  • Organic cotton is environment friendly because the process of fiber formation doesn’t include chemicals and uses 91% less water unlike non-organic cotton or mixed fibers.  
  • The use of organic cotton is remarkable and best in washing as well. Instead of the non-organic cotton material, the use of the organic cotton material is more sustainable and has a longer life cycle. 


How is Organic Cotton Certified?

The certification of organic cotton provides proof of the quality of the fabric for the consumer. The authorities certify cotton after testing its quality, source and processing. Acquiring the certification brings a number of benefits for manufacturers including:  

  • Ensuring the process of generating the cotton is pure and without any contamination. Cotton is harvested through organic means and during the whole process of seed sowing, it doesn’t contain any contaminants from harmful chemicals. 
  • Consumers can rely on the certification as proof that no chemicals were used during the cotton processing and milling.  


Standards of the Organic Cotton Certification

According to the standards, there are certain certifications like Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and Organic Content Standards (OCS). As per the certification it is ensured that the company produce organic cotton that is safe to use, through the natural resources.  


At Always Trendin – Certified Organic Cotton is a Priority!

Here at AT we ensure that the cotton used in our made to order range is only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic or Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton. Our mission is to make use of only recycled or certified organic materials in all our product offerings.


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January 22, 2021 — Alex Heinemann

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