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Why It's So Popular

It’s no secret that we’re constantly on the move, forever trying to improve our lives while keeping as productive as possible and working as hard as we can. In such as busy world, we never stop to think about the small things, because there are bigger things that require our attention much more urgently. On a busy day, it makes sense to choose the easy option for everything, including your clothes; enter the athleisure trend.

 What is athleisure?

In simple terms, athleisure is a style of clothing which resembles gym or workout clothes (and sometimes even is!), such as leggings, tanks tops and trainers. Unlike traditional styles of dressing, which generally require some thought and decision when putting together, and are often very uncomfortable, athleisure clothing is designed to be flexible and comfortable.

Leggings and other similar options of your legs are now designed specifically to hug your curves, sculpt various areas, warm you up and even more. There are so many possibilities beyond the traditional leggings available. Not to mention, they come in such a huge range of colours and designs, with sportswear companies and fashion companies alike releasing new designs each season.

When it comes to tops, athleisure covers a range of different types, such as the tank top, the t-shirt, the crop top, the vest and the sports bra just to name a few. Much like leggings and bottoms, athleisure tops were originally designed for fit and comfort over any aesthetic purposes, but now you can have both. You can also expect to see different styles of tops circulating and changing every season.

Obviously, we know that trainers are a staple item for an athleisure wardrobe, and bonus points if yours have some flashy designs or unique, modern look. If you collect trainers, or even just have a few pairs, you’ll know that these babies are changing all the time, constantly evolving for comfort, performance and style. Brands are always competing with their trainers, and they are a number one thing to create an athleisure wardrobe.  

Why is athleisure so popular?

Aside from the elements of athleisure itself, why is it becoming so popular? Everyone knows that fashion has changed dramatically since times in the past, even just since the 20th Century. Expectations and standards in society about what you wear have changed, and you are free to wear what you like.

If you haven’t already worked it out from the points above, athleisure provides a unique comfort and expression like no other fashion movement, creating the perfect fusion between two things which we love. As well as it’s style points athleisure is practical, as it is still created to help you through a daily workout or weekend half-marathon, after you wear it shopping on a Thursday night. The versatility is something that us humans, with our forever manic and changing lives, crave. It’s something which stays consistent and requires such little effort to pull off.

Since the global pandemic started, everyone has been working from home for at least six months and, while there are lots of things which can make this stressful or inconvenient, your choice of clothing should never get in the way. With all meetings being on zoom calls and no necessity (or ability) to actually go into the office, our beauty standards have lowered. Those who were once commuting to an office every day are no longer expected to arrive in a full suit and tie, or an elegant dress and high heels. So, it makes perfect sense to wear something which feels comfortable enough for sitting in the same chair for practically the entire day. This use of the athleisure trend also means that you could easily just get up from your desk after a long day of work, close your computer and get straight out on a walk, run or your choice of exercise.

It’s clear to see why the athleisure trend is taking the world by storm, and it’s something which is definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already.

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Athleisure trend
October 30, 2020 — Alex Heinemann

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