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The world of fabric is constantly growing.  

From natural fibers to lab-made synthetic ones; new choices spring up each day. Therefore, deciding on which fabric to create your products from or stock your wardrobe with, isn’t exactly the simplest task.  

Whether you should opt for woven or knit fabric; prefer comfort over elegance; choose seasonal or all-year-roundthese are just some of the questions that arise with fabrics. 

Instead of taking you through each and every fabric, we’ll simply cut to the chase and tell you about the best three fabrics that combine quality, comfort, and durability and how they can be used. 

100% Organic Cotton Jersey 

The cotton jersey fabric is particularly special due to its incredible elasticity. It can either be single-knit with a smooth and a heavy side, or double knit with soft texture all over.  

What Makes Jersey Standout? 

The fabric boasts several characteristics that make it a favourable choice:   

  • Stretch: Along with its naturally flexible fiber, the knitting further helps the fabric to stretch easily. Thus, providing greater flexibility for the wearer.  
  • Soft: Comfort is promised with the softness of the cotton. 
  • BreathableSoaking moisture but allowing air to pass — jersey is a cool fabric. 
  • Wrinkle-FreeNo matter how often you cleanit remains wrinkle-less. Just remember to wash with cold water and tumble dry. 

Where is Cotton Jersey Used? 

Initially a fabric for undergarmentsjersey is now commonly used for multiple purposes: 

  • T-shirtsLonger-lasting and breathablejersey is perfect for casual wear. 
  • Sweatpants: Its absorbent properties are useful for comfort clothing in hot and humid temperatures. 
  • Bedsheets: Comfy to wear, even more comfy to sleep on! 
  • Sportswear: Its elasticity enables gym and sportswear to support fast and flexible movement. 

100% Organic Cotton Brushed Back Fleece 

Knit intricately in mini loops and then, mechanically ‘brushed back’ to provide a smooth finish - cotton fleece is a very comfortable fabric. 

Unique Properties of Cotton Fleece 

This fabric mimics the qualities of woollen fleece but also adds its unique touch. 

  • Cotton fleece is thick but the brushed back finish keeps it from feeling too heavy. 
  • It maintains the softness and comfort of wooly structure. 
  • Very tiny spaces in between the fibers stop heat from escaping and provide constant warmth.  

Brushed Back Fleece For Clothing 

Its cozy material and wooly texture make it ideal for winter clothing without feeling uncomfortable or humid. Thus, it is commonly found in:  

  • Jackets and Hoodies 
  • Sweat Clothes 
  • Baby Garments 

Recycled Nylons 

While Nylon itself isn’t a bio-degradable fabric; recycle it and you find yourself with a beautiful fabric, able to withstand years of use.  

Special Characteristics of Nylon Fabrics 

Created from fabric wastes and disposed fishnets, Recycled Nylon has several useful properties that make it wanted fabric: 

  • Strong and LightNylon has an extremely long life making it one of the hardest fabrics to break down. Simultaneously, it is incredibly light and movable. 
  • Resilient: It can be stretched and used almost freely without losing its shape. 
  • Washable: Nylon fibers don’t allow dirt to stick and dry off quickly after wash.   

Where is Recycled Nylon Useful? 

Given its strength and durability, recycled nylon is often used for the following:  

  • HosieryNylon socks and stockings are light and stretchable. 
  • Swimwear and RaincoatsThese products quickly dry off as water isn’t allowed to accumulate on the fabric. 
  • Sportswear: It fulfills the need for athletes to move and react quickly due its light weight and strong fibers. 


Cotton jersey, brushed back fleece, and recycled nylon are the trending fabrics today and continue to gain acclaim for their quality and durability. 

Whether you are introducing a new fabric product line or just want to wear high quality garments these fabrics are a smart choice. 

Here at Always Trendin, we complete all your fabric souring. If you need any advice on starting your brand and what fabrics you would like to use, you can contact one of our team members. We have extensive understanding on what fabrics are best equipped for the selection of garments you wish to make. 

November 25, 2020 — Sophia Lee

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