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Our Blog

Exploring Unique Fabrics

Exploring Unique Fabrics

The world of fabric is constantly growing.  
From natural fibers to lab-made synthetic ones; new choices spring up each day. Therefore, deciding on which fabric to create your products from or stock your wardrobe with, isn’t exactly the simplest task.  
Whether you should opt for woven or knit fabric; prefer comfort over elegance; choose seasonal or all-year-roundthese are just some of the questions that arise with fabrics. 

November 25, 2020 — Sophia Lee
Screen printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the method of putting ink through a screen to create the desired printed design. It’s a common method used in different companies, in case you haven’t come across the term before, you have used or worn a screen-printed product without your knowledge. The process is also referred to as silk screen printing or serigraphy, but all these names refer to the same thing.
November 20, 2020 — Alex Heinemann

5 Things We Can Learn from Gymshark

Gymshark was founded in 2012 and since then has become one of the biggest activewear brandsThis innovative company has had exponential growthdue to all the hard work they’ve endured to earn their way into the highly regarded brand we see today. If you aspire for your brand to be like this, here are some things we can learn about Gymshark, and how they reached their success.
November 18, 2020 — Alex Heinemann